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Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, an appointment has to be made. Please use our contact form on the website or contact us via telephone/mobile number provided. To avoid disappointment make the appointment 1-2 weeks before your dog needs grooming. If you want to book your dog in for just a nail cut we can usually fit you in on the same day.


How long will my dog be at the salon?

We work on appointment basis to minimise the time your dog is in the salon and providing a stress free environment. Morning appointments will arrive at 10am and will be picked up at 12.30pm to 1.00pm. Afternoon appointments will arrive at 2.00pm and will be collected at 4.30-5.00pm or as arranged


Can I have a one-to-one appointment as my dog hates other dogs?

Yes we can arrange that, please let us know in advance when booking your appointment.


Can I wait whilst he/she is being groomed?

Unfortunately no, sorry. Dogs need to be calm and hold still while being groomed and generally with the presence of their owners the dogs remain in a very excited state of mind which makes grooming very difficult. Grooming equipment such as clippers and scissors are very sharp, with an excited dog, it is more likely to get hurt while being grooming. Of course if you're only bringing in your dog for straight forward treatment such as nail clipping or teeth brushing, you are more than welcome to stay as it only take a few minutes, just stay out of sight of your dog to avoid any excitement and that should be fine.


Do you use cabinet or cage dryers?

No we do not use cabinet/cage dryers. Although lots of salons use it as this increase their grooming efficiency but we do not use it because it does not remove tangles/knots from your dog. The best way to dry your dog is always via hand drying so that we can feel your dog from head to toe to find any knots/mats and de-tangle them while drying the fur. Remove knots/mats after the fur has been dried is a painful process and usually damage the coat of your dog.


Do you use muzzles?

Yes - but only when it is absolutely necessary to protect our staff from any potential dog bites.

If the muzzle has been introduce correctly to dog (ie: via positive reinforcement training), your dog generally will calm down quickly rather than getting more nervous.  


Where will my dog be kept when he is ready?

For the safety and well being of your dog, he/she will be put in a cage with soft bedding and toys provided.


Can I bring my own shampoo?

Yes, you are welcome to. If you are bringing in prescription shampoo for your dog, please let us know in advance when booking your appointment. Please remember to bring us clear instruction regarding how to use your shampoo properly on your dog.


My Dog has disabilities and/or is old how do you accommodate them?

We have an electric grooming table which is low enough for your dog to walk on. We also have steps on our stainless steel bath to assist your dog. However if is still too much for your dog, we will simply just carry him/her up and down to avoid any unnecessary stress for your dog. The dog waiting area is fully heated with soft bedding to ensure your dog has a comfortable environment to chill out.  


What's the difference between clipping and stripping?

Clipping is to shorten your dog's fur using a clipper. Stripping (aka hand-stripping) means removing the dead top coat of the dog with specific techniques using just fingers or with other stripping equipment. As Kennel Club breed standard, most of the wiry coat dogs such as terriers should be hand-stripped. However, not every dog likes to be hand-stripped (just imagine someone constantly pulling hair out from your head) and generally it is a more time consuming process. Also not every dog are ready to be hand-stripped (it really depends on its coat condition). Generally a clipped coat will be softer and a stripped coat will be more coarse/wiry feeling as it preserves the original harsher coat type of the breed. If your dog has been clipped before, hand-stripping afterwards wouldn't make much difference.


What age can my dog start to be groomed?

The best time to start is after your puppy has had all its vaccinations. This is typically around 16 weeks of age. Many people wait until the puppy is over 6 months for their first groom. However, the sooner you familiarize them with being groomed, the happier your puppy will be. It doesn't have to be a fully trim, just a bath and dry will do. The idea is simply introduce your puppy to all different grooming equipment such as dryer, brush, nail clipper etc. Introduce them properly at young age can be both a positive and rewarding experience. Please ask for our free puppy introduction grooming session.


I won't be able to make my appointment, what do I do?

Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you won't be able to make your appointment. We are happy to rebook your session if required. Please read our term and conditions as charges may apply if you missed your appointment


Do you groom large breeds?

Yes - large breeds are welcome. Generally larger dogs will require more time to groom and we will arrange a collection time for your dog accordingly.


Do you Groom Cats?

Not at the moment but it is something we are considering in the future. If your cat only needs his/her nails to be trimmed then please feel free to contact us.


If there are any other questions not answered here, please feel free to send us a message through our contact form here.