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Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing Shiny Pets to groom your pet. Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions that help us run our stress-free salon. By having your dog groomed with us, you are accepting the above terms, so please read them all carefully.



1. The dog is fit and healthy. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that we cannot be held liable for.


2. Vaccination - Your dog should be up to date with their vaccinations. An unvaccinated dog puts itself and owners at risk. If you wish to have your unvaccinated dog groomed, we cannot be liable for any illness contracted by your dog as a result of them not being vaccinated.


3. Cancellation/Missed Appointments – A 24 hours notice is required for cancelled appointments, otherwise £15 fee will be charged payable on next appointment. Repeated missed appointments will result in refusal of service.


4. Late Appointments - Please be ON TIME for your appointment. Shiny Pets operates on an appointment basis that ensures your pet is given 100% of his or her groomer's attention throughout the appointment period. Clients over 15 minutes late will be considered as a missed appointment. Shiny Pets reserve the right to turn away clients that are over 15 minutes late for their appointment. Clients have to secure their new appointment with a deposit.


5. Grooming requirements - We will groom your pet to your specifications depends on your dog's coat condition and this will be discussed during the pre-grooming consultation. If you are sending your pet in with a friend or family member, please send written instructions and some photos if possible to confirm your requirement. This eliminates any confusion which can occur when receiving a client's request from a different person.


6. Early Collections - If you happen to be a few minutes early to collect, your dog may still be on the grooming table being attended to, please remain out of sight and hearing whilst you wait. Once your dog sees you and naturally starts to get excited, your groomer may have to consider the groom finished, for safety reasons.


7. Late Collections – Your groomer will give you a collection time when you leave your dog at the salon. This will normally be around 2-3 hours later. A pet sitting fee of £5 per half hour will apply for dogs that are over 30 minutes late being collected. If you really can’t collect your dog on time due to unforeseen circumstances (ie: traffic) please let us know as soon as possible.


8. Payments - it will be made on collection of your dog. Prices are estimation based on an average dog of the breed or type, but owners must remember that some dogs will require extensive extra work and this will be charged for.


9. De-matting – Shiny Pets works straight under the ‘Humanity before Vanity’ policy in compliance with Animal Welfare Act (2007) section 5 which states that 'All animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease. We will try the best we can to untangle / remove mats from your dog’s coat without causing any stress or pain to them. However if your dog is severely matted, extensive de-matting will create a lot of stress and pain to your dog. Therefore the kindest and most humane way is to completely shave-off your dog’s coat. This will dramatically change their appearance and the hair will be very short and close to the skin and may expose pre-existing skin complaints. We require your permission to clip before we begin the groom and an extra charge of up to £15 to remove the coat will apply on top of the regular groom price.




10. Flea Policy – We will check for fleas during the pre-grooming consultation and will advise you if your dog needs flea treatment. Any dog found to have fleas will go straight into a flea-bath with special shampoo to remove the fleas. The salon will also need to be treated to prevent cross contamination therefore we make a charge of £6 per dog to cover the extra costs involved. You will be advised to treat your pet and your home environment to eradicate the problem.


11. Anal Glands – Shiny Pets DO NOT express anal glands on dogs. A dog should empty its glands naturally and a dog’s diet is what prevents them from doing so. Sometimes express their glands manually can do more harm than good as it has undermined any potential health issues with the dog. Legislation by Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 rules that any activity that amount to veterinary procedure is restricted to Veterinary Surgeons. For the expression of anal glands, the veterinary advice the RCVS have received is that deciding if there is any infection or impaction involves a diagnosis which is the practice of veterinary surgery. Therefore this is not a process for groomers to undertake on the behalf of an owner.


12. Please inform us of any known allergies, behaviour issues or other pre-existing health conditions of your dog may have during the pre-grooming consultation. Shiny Pets cannot be held responsible if your pet has an allergic reaction or other adverse reaction to our products / services if we are not informed BEFORE the grooming.


13. Veterinary Treatment - It must be clearly understood that whilst every care and attention is given to your dog(s) they are accepted at the owner’s risk. Our first concern is for the welfare of your dog so in the event of injury or illness a Vet may be called in and unless it can be clearly shown that we are liable, all costs in connection with and the carrying out of this instruction shall be at owner’s expense. We recommend that your dog is insured.


14. Aggressive Dogs - Owners are obliged to inform us if your dog is aggressive. Dogs will be muzzled if express signs of aggressive behaviour during the grooming session and extra charge may be incurred if your dog becomes aggressive which may take longer to groom. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE A DOG THAT PRESENTS A RISK OF INJURY TO ITSELF OR STAFF.


15. Elder/Injured/Disable Dogs - Any dogs over the age of 10 or dogs with disabilities (ie: blindness, deaf, hip problems, limbs malformation etc…) will only have work done which they will tolerate. We strongly advised dogs with existing injuries to groom with us after full recovery. For Example: If an 11-year old Jack Russell doesn't want his nails clipped, they will not be done (unless it's absolutely necessary). This only causes extra undue stress to the dog at a time in his/her life they do not need. All work will, however, be attempted.


16. Owners must inform us of your bitch (ie: female dog) comes into season during the pre-grooming consultation. Bitches in season can be a distraction to other dogs and make their grooming more difficult. They can also experience changes in mood which makes their grooming experience to become more stressful.


17. Photos - We take photos of each dog before, during and after the groom to keep on file which assists us in future grooms. We may use some photos in advertising our service and/or post to our social media sites. Most clients enjoy seeing their pet featured. Please let us know beforehand if you do not wish your pet's photos to be made public.


18. Other Dogs- Please do not handle or approach other dogs in the shop. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers and may bite without warning regardless of how friendly they may appear. We cannot be held responsible if you disregard this policy.


19. Alterations - If after the grooming session, there is anything about the groom that you would like to be altered, please advise your groomer accordingly before you leave the salon. We are never offended by timely requests to make minor changes, so please ask.


20. Free puppy grooming introduction / OAP discounts - we require proof from customers who qualifies these offers. Shiny Pets reserve the rights to refuse or cancel these offers without further notice.